Travelling to India which h1b amendment is pending for a location change with same client and employer


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My H1b petition was filed for Boston. Then with same client I needed to work in Westlake , Texas. So my employer filed for LCA and I travelled to westlake from India on April. So this was my 1st travel to USA. My H1b was approved on 2014 lottery.


After reaching westlake my employer filed for amendment saying as its a change of location, I need to file amendment. They filed it in Sep. 


Now when I view the receipt number in USCIS its still saying Case has been received on Sep 3.


My question is, Can I travel to India under this condition and comeback after 3 weeks?


Also if I am not, then can my wife travel to India and comeback?


Note: I have the scanned copy of the amendment receipt.


My amendment was for change of location for same client after I reached USA and started working on new location. My visa is valid till sep 2017. I have LCA approved for this location.


Thanks a lot for taking my query.

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We r also in the same boat . Any suggestions would help.

Our employer scared us by saying that if we travel it will change i94 and will create issues with h1b amendment and they strictly said not to go in the last minute. I am worried as all my plans are finalized.

Hope some one can throw some light at our issues

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