Visitor visa rejection for my in-laws?


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I am here in the US on EAD (Employment based) and my wife came to US on F1 (student) visa and is now on OPT. I have 2 year old daughter. My Wife has signed a contract with US Army and is joining the training from April 2016. She will be US citizen after her training in August. We really need my in-laws to come here to take care of my daughter and I cannot wait until my wife becomes US citizen.


My in-laws visitor visa was rejected 2 times. First it was rejected when my wife had graduation ceremony after completing her Associate degree in nursing but they were denied the visa. I guess the reason could be because my father in law could not explain the purpose of visit since he is not well-educated and is a plumber by profession and does not earn much.


Second time it was rejected when it was my uncle's daughter marriage. Visa officer did not give the reason for rejection. I guess its because the rejection from last time.


Now, I am concerned if we should apply for the visa again or not. Here are my main concerns.


- Should I apply only for my mother-in law?

- Should we show that they are coming here to take care of the baby? Lot of people say we should not mention this but this is genuine case where the baby needs someone from the family?

- I guess most of you will agree that my in-laws/motherin-law should show the army contract.

- I heard that if the interviewee works for an NGO that helps during the interview. How true is this?








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