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My H1B 5th year is getting completed on May-2016 and my final H1b 6 yr is completing on May-2017 ,my current employer-A is working  on my GC and they have published the Add and mentioned that will file Labor before May-2016 so that we can apply for extension.


As we know we can apply extension only if Labor is filed before starting 6th year.


Now the question  is, i am planing to change the company.


Assume i change the company and join employer B by April and even if they start the GC process they cant file the Labor by May-2016.


1. Does that mean i cant get the Extension after May-2017 as i have not filled Labor before 5th yr completion.



is this a good idea to change the job now and get the GC started with new company , will there be any issue with my extension past 2017


What are the options i have so that i cna change the job and also there is no problem with the Extension.


Thanks in Advance

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