Tourist Visa For Sister in Law


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Hello all,

I have a question regarding visitor visa for my sister in law. She applied for her tourist visa in April 2014 and it got denied with the reason of 'Not enough strong ties to the home country'. Moreover, I sent the sponsorship documents and was sponsoring her trip. 

We are thinking of re-applying and she has started earning. Following is her profile
1) 24 years old
2) Tourist visa denied in April 2014 with reason 'strong ties missing'
3) Earns now
4) Her husband(my brother) has the tourist visa since 2013 

We were wondering:
1) Should we sponsor her visa again?
2) Or should they should show that they are sponsoring their trip?

Which option will maximize the chances of her getting the visitor visa? They just need to visit for tourism here.

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