H1B Visa interview experience @ Ottawa, White 221G (01/04/16)


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I read many posts of visa interviews from this forum before my interview so wanted to share my experience too. 


I went to Ottawa for my first H1B visa stamping from F1 visa. I am working as consultant in EVC model. I gave my passport, DS 160 confirmation and i-797A to VO and after that he asked me following questions.


VO: Who is XXX( my employer name)?

Me: I said it's my employer

VO: What your employer does?

Me: I explained 

VO: Are you working at Client site? whose your client?
Me: I said yes and gave my client name.

VO: Where do u leave?

Me: I told my city name

VO: How much do you make?

Me: I told him my salary 

VO: Can I see your Paystubs?

Me. I gave my paystubs and he said that why there is higher amount then you said previously and I told him that previously I told you my base salary and I get additional bonuses on top of that. 

VO: Did you studied at XXX(My University name in US)? What you studied?

Me: I said yes and explained what I studied there

VO: He called his colleague and told me that please go to next window and he will talk to you


after that I went to next window and other VO came with white slip in his hand.


He asked me to give my client manger's contact information because they wanted to confirm with them. I gave him the information and he gave me white slip where heading was 'NOTICE OF SUSPENSION, 221G, PENDING FURTHER PROCESSING'. He told me that they need to do further review with my application and will try to reach out to my manger and once everything get reviewed, you will get notified with decision. 


VO told me that it may take few days based on response we gets from your employer but I haven't read any case like this before so let me know if any of you went through similar scenario or heard of it.



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Hi Ketan,


I also attended the interview on Jan4th in Ottawa ang got the 221g same like you. They took my passport,client letter and returned all the docuemnts. They took my Client manager email for verification..

They sent email to my client manager on the same day but unfortunately my client took 4 days to respond..they responded on friday jan8th


My visa status check still showing Admin processing..


Can you please share your current situation? Did you get the visa?


Pls advise.




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I have a similar scenario described above. I attended my visa interview on Jan 12 th and was given a 221g white slip.I am still awaiting for the response from the consulate. Please suggest how long the administrative process take? Thank You.




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