221g-White slip for Biotech/Pharmaceutical Background

arjun reddy

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221g-White slip for Biotech/Pharmaceutical Background

Venue: US consulate Hyderabad

Time: 11.45 am (original appointment at 10.30 but took this long to get through the long queue)


Me: Good morning Ma’am

VO: Good morning. How you doing?

Me: Good.  How are you?

VO: What’s your name (passport was in her hand; staff collected it while I was in line and gave it to her)

Me: It’s XYZZZ

VO: What company are you going to work for?

Me: A____ Information Systems.

(She made a joke saying that it rhymes with some other name)

Me: Clarified the spelling and said it is a Workforce consulting firm

VO: Ohh. Who is the client company?

Me: ABC…. Pharmaceuticals

VO: What does your job duties involve?

Me: Developing therapeutics for cancer using principles of Biology. Also includes data analysis, report making and presenting reports to higher management.

VO: (with a exclamatory face) Do you work with any cells and drugs?

Me: Yes, as a part of my job I do work from time to time. But my major work involves analysis and reporting of data and results.

(now she made a really weird face and started typing something looking at the screen)

I soon understood where this was leading as I had a previous idea about 221g within my field.

I started having a conversation with about how her day was going and some other sweet talk, she responded nicely. But,


VO: Sir, your application needs further administrative processing, please take this form (221g White slip with just ticked box saying further details will follow in email) and you should get an email this afternoon explaining further process.

Me: May I know why is this being issued?

VO: I cannot explain it to you, but you will find all details in the email today.


I know that nature of my work in pharmaceutical field raises red flag at consulate for what I personally think stupid reasons (one can do more harm with knowledge of computers rather than of Biology).

Is anyone in similar boat and can you give me a time estimate for processing?


Thanks in Advance.

Best Wishes.

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"one can do more harm with knowledge of computers rather than of Biology"


​Biology is equally harmful when manipulations are done at the genetic level.


Having said that normally you might get clearance within a month. It happened twice for me (221g pink slip) and both times got visa approval exactly in a month.

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Hello Arjun Reddy,

thanks for sharing your experience.

How long you have been working on this project? Have got 221 g before this?

In my case my projects deals with immunology/ biotechnology/ molecular biology. So vo asked for my CV, I gave it to her and she gave me 221 g Blue form. This form does not ask for any more document. So yours 221g white slip is same as 221 g Blue form or is there any difference.

this time mine is F1 visa stamping after finishing 1.5 yrs in the program. I got 221 g- Blue  before and it was during H1B stamping, it asked for 2 forms to fill up and took 3 weeks to process.

Let me know.



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I experienced a similar scenario described above. I attended my visa interview on Jan 12 th. I was given a white slip during interview. An email was sent  with questionnaire about my research plans and transcripts. My visa is still under administrative processing. Does any one will be able to suggest how long does this process take?



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