Visa interview waiver eligibility after company split


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I am working for a big multi national company. Recently my company was splitted into 2 companies. I am planning to travel to India next year and in this process i have to get my visa stamping.


my question here is am i Eligible for interview waiver program ?


I got stamping on my passport using old company name ( ABC) last year and this visa is valid until Dec 2015.

My company applied to my visa extension using the old company name ( ABC) as company was not splitted during my extension filing. My company was splitted 2 months ago.

I got my H1b approved for next 3 years in the name of ABC (Old company name)


Right now name of my company is ABD ( only last few letters have been changed)


in this case am i eligible for Visa interview waiver program or do i need to go for stamping ?




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