ATTN: URG: OPT Expiration and Emergency Travel


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Hello Team,


My situation is a bit tricky. In summary, I was to be graduated Dec 2014 and I had applied for OPT back then, but due to certain circumstances couldn't defend thesis. But my OPT started on Jan 26 2015. Later I had worked for a company on my OPT along with thesis. I had defended my thesis in Nov 2015. Due to some dept delays I would be applying for OPT extn on Jan 5 2016. Now due to emergency situations I went to India and would be coming on Jan 6 2016. I have all the relevant docs(i20, employment letter, paystubs, tax etc)


My questions are:


1. Would there be any problem while I come back? Is there any documentation that I am missing?


2. Since its a 20 day gap (Arrival in USA on 6 and OPT expiry on 26) will that be still fine for me to get in and apply immediately for stem ext?


Please reply to this if I am missing any. 



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