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I filled H4 to F1 COS in march 6, 2015. I received an RFE to provide financial documents on sep 26, 2015. So I provided all required documents on Oct 15, 2015. But till now I didn't hear anything from USCIS as it crossed 60days.can you tell me what might be the reason for no response from them. My H4 was expired already on April 20 and I'm going to graduate in next 3months but I'm not having any decision on F1.

Appreciate your help.



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Yes I contacted USCIS but they are telling the processing time in dec 2014. And I applied for vermont service center. When I'm asking to raise a service request, they not allowing me since the current processing time is dec 2014. But I applied H4 to f1 cos in march 2015.


If that is the case you can wait or exit US and go for F1 visa stamping.

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Dear jyorthirmainaga,  Did you receive your approval?


So, your h4 expired on April 20, your cos was applied on march 6.  Could you please let me know what was the start date on the I-20 that the school gave you? did they allow you to go to classes with the receipt?


Thank you so much

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