H1b Amendment & H1B Transfer


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I got my H1b transfer approved recently with employer B when H1B amendment for employer A is in progress. I have left employer A and joined employer B with new I797. But now employer A is not revoking my H1B amendment.


What will happen if my H1B amendment gets approved now?


Any response is highly appreciated.



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Hi myusdream - can I please know if your transfer at B went smoothly i.e. without any new RFEs...given you had an RFE with prior amendment was it an issue for the transfer...Am in a similar situation so your response would help. Also, How long did it really took for B's petition to get approved?


Rahul and Jairichi - can you start working for B once LCA is approved? OR do you have to wait until petition is approved? I heard that law has now changed and you have to wait until petition is approved to start working for B. Is that correct? Please let me know. Thanks.

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