Passport renewal with H-1B stamping


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My H-1B extension just got approved with expiration date 12/12/2018.I am travelling to India from January 29,2016 to March 18,2016. My Indian passport expires on September 10,2016.This passport as all the H-1B stamps from all my previous employers including the current employer. 

1) My question is that when I return back to U.S.A on March 18, will the immigration officer at port-of-entry issue me a I-94 based on my passport expiry OR the I-94 that I have on my I-797? 

2) If I renew my passport in India under he 'tatkal' process which is basically a faster way of getting new passport, then should I use this NEW passport to get my new H-1 visa stamped OR should I use my old passport to get the H-1B visa stamped and carry BOTH new and old passports while returning back to U.S.A from India on March 18,2016?


Any responses will be HIGHLY appreciated!!!

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