Which Visa is legally applicable if H1b and L1 Extn both got approved


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Currently am working for my employer  (X) thru L1. However my L1 got expired during mid of this year (JUN) , hence I applied for H1b from my current employer (X) this year and filed L1B extn as well in order to continue my work until I get my H1 approved. During mid of OCT, first event I got my H1 approved. A month later my second event happened that my L1 / L2 both got approved. Again a three weeks later I see my H4 also has been approved as third even. Now I have the approval for H1 (1st event)  and  L1 / L2 Extension (2nd event) and finally H4 approved (3rd event) for the same employer from different time events. With this it has raised some confusions and questions as below.


1)      Which VISA status is legally be applicable for me to work.

2)      If my employer prefers to choose L1, then what will happen with approved H1 if that’s not been used for a while

3)      If I continue with L1 with current employer, is there any option to transfer my H1 to a different employer in future before it expires


Thank you 

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