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My I-140 was filed in premium processing and we received an RFE.

My former employer has a policy to not issue experience letter, hence i submitted a notarized affidavit on personal capacity by my supervisor who still works there. 

The RFE states that they need employer experience letter.

How do i go about this ?

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Not all countries have employee favoring laws. Sometime you are left without options. I recommend you draft a letter (with or without your supervisor's involvment / signature) and mail it to the physical address of your employers and keep a copy of the Postal Return Receipt OR Registered Post copy. Better still, send them a scanned copy of your latter indicating you will be keeping it as future reference. Also indicate you are forced to do it since they are not issuing experience letter. Just make sure you don't givie any false information in the letter.


Do you have copies of your pay slips? PDF from adp if you are at USA? They will be proof of your employent though not experience letter. Talk to your clients and get some references. If the client is able to support you it should make your life easier. If you have Offer of Employment and letter of leaving , it should help combined with Client References if any.


Good Luck.

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