2nd H1-B Visa stamping in Canada.


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I have a question about  going for visa stamping for the second time in Canada?


I got my first H1B in 2013  and successfully finished a visa stamping in Calgary, Canada.

I have my H1B extension approved in December 2015.

So was planning to go to Canada for visa stamping?

What are the processing times in Calgary,Canada?

And the latest appointment dates available?

Will the Third Country National (TCN) be a problem?

or is it safe to attend interview in India?



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visa processing time :Typically 2-3 business days 


Appointment dates : Since Nov 2015, very few appointment slots available for non-residents per week. Keep checking, you will find dates in Dec/Jan. 


TCN : Yes, so many are coming and having successful stamping in Calgary.


About to India: up-to you, do what's best for you. You may get many suggestions/advices, but take decision what you think is best for you and stick with it. 


Best of Luck. 

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