H1B successful stamping @ Mumbai on Nov 15


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My 4th H1-B stamping yes 4th.... 11 years on H1-B. Did my masters in US in 2002-04 and always FTE with 2 very global reputed companies in Finance area. Went with my wife who is on H-4 and has H-4 EAD

9am slot and they have 500 people in one one hour slots. Stood in line around 8.30am and 200 people in front... 200 already inside and 100 or so behind me. Just all approx.

The whole process is smooth and there is no chaos and security/consulate employees ensure order is maintained. Excellent process considering so many tense faces around.

9.30am was inside the consulate post security and sat in covered pavilion. They send batches of 50 people inside every 10-15 min or so.

My turn came at 10.15am at a random window post fingerprint verification again. No more token system.

Passed my passport and I-797. He just glanced and gave me back my I-797.

Questions to me. None to my wife at all. Officer was super cool.

Who is your employer ?

How many years you have been working ?

Do you like it ?

What is your highest education ?

What is your salary ?

And your visa is approved and you will get your passport in 3 days. Collected our stamped passports next day at 10am at VFS center.

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