Previous H1B holder and Approved I-140, Current H4 holder


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I would appreciate if someone could guide me in my situation. Here is a summary:


- I was working on a H1B visa till 2012, and during this time my employer had filed for my green card under EB-3 (!) category. 


- I got my I-140 approved at that time, but in 2013 had to leave the country due to some family issues.


- I am back in the U.S. now, but this time I am on an H4 visa (my wife is on her H1B).


- Since I am listed as the beneficiary on the approved I-140, is there some way that I could work on my current H4 status? Unfortunately, though my wife was employed back in 2012 as well, her employer had not filed for a green card.


Thanks for any advice!




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