Salary difference between L1A Blanket Petition and Offer


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I worked for my current employer from Aug 2012 to July 2014 in USA and was then deputed to their India office where I have been working for the past year and half. Now I'm going back to US and my employer applied L1A Blanket for me.


When preparing the petition my old salary was considered and the same was entered in I129S. But the salary mentioned in the offer letter they have given me is significantly less than whats in the petition and my manager said that that's the maximum that they can offer.


My L1A petition packet was given to me just before I left for the Visa appointment and I noticed the difference but did not have a chance to discuss this difference with my manager. Now my L1A visa has been approved.


Will this salary difference adversely affect me in any way at the Port of Entry or L1A renewal or GC application?

Please advise.



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The immigration manager is asking me to go for stamping again with the corrected I129s. Is this necessary or is there any other way to let the Consulate/USCIS know of the correction.


Please help if you know as I have to travel soon and would like to avoid going for stamping again.

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