H1B extension and I-94 question


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My H1B visa has been extended and I have been issued a new I-797 form and a new I-94 with starting date of 12/30/2015.


My previous I-797 has validity till 12/30/2015. My previous I-94 and the entry stamp on my passport says the last date is 12/30/2015.


My wife's is in a similar positin (she has H4 visa). Her I-797 has new I-94 with starting date 12/30/2015 and her passport has last date (put in my officer at port of entry as 12/30/3105 based on her previous i-94).


My question is can we stay in the US after 12/30/2015 since I have received a new I-94 with starting date 12/30/2015, or we need to go out and get a new stamp before 12/30/2015.


Thank you.

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