Filing H1B Visa for Assistant Fashion Designer


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My background: I am an Indian citizen. I have AA ( Associate degree) from FIDM, Los Angeles.  I also worked for 3 years before moving to US for higher studies. Currently, I am on OPT and working for a design firm in Los Angeles, as a "Assistant Designer".

I will be applying for H1-B visa, and my employer wants me to find an attorney, as our company is small and doesn't have an in-house immigration attorney. How should I go about searching for a competent immigration attorney specialized in filing H1-B for Fashion Designers.

What are the chances my petition gets an approval from USCIS. Is USCIS known to give a hard time for H1b petitions for fashion designers. If yes, what supporting documents should I provide to increase my chances of getting my petition approved. ( Proof that my salary is average of what fashion desginers get, Company turnover, Company financial stats,)

Most of my friends are in IT and my petition process is completely different from most people I know. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Applying for H1B visa for Assistant Designer position in Fashion industry


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