H1 --> H4 conversion (need H4 EAD in 5 months)


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I am in a Unique situation. Currently I am fulfiling my J1 waiver requirement and will finish that by the end of Dec 2015. I am in a H1B and my husband has his own EB2-NIW I-140 approved. I need to start my fellowship by June 2016. I need a EAD or I have to go on a J1 visa again (least preferable) since I didnot apply for EB2.


My questions are:


1. I will technically complete 3 years of working in a underserved area on Dec 20th. Will I need a letter from USCIS regarding completion of my J1 waiver?


2. I hear that conversion from H1B to H4 (while staying in US) takes more than 6 months. Is it advisable to go to India (after my J1 waiver is done) to get my H4 and apply for EAD? is it the fastest way to get H4 and resulting EAD?


3. How are the rejection rates at chennai consulate regarding approving a H4 visa?


Appreciate the help from each and everyone.







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