221G White Slip Hyderabad - 1/23/2015 tracker


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who is your petitioner?

- xxxxxxx

who is your end client?

- xxxxxx

what is your annual salary?

- $$$$$

How many years of experience of you have?

- xx years

what is your job title?


what is your project name?

 - xxxxx.


VO: sorry I can't issue the visa, need to go thru administrative processing, as we don't have enough details on the computer alerts on your case.

VO: when you traveling?

Me: December 13

VO: that will not happen, administrative process may take longer than Dec 13 

VO: here is your case number for tracking

VO: do not require any additional documents, follow the instruction on the letter for tracking your case


Gave the 221(g) letter


For H4

when is your marriage day?

- xxxxxxxxx

how many brothers and sisters for your husband?

- xxxxxxxxxxxx

what is your husband's brother name?

- xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Returned all the documents including passports

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