Visa Appt on Dec 14th Vancouver Canada , Accommodation from Dec13 - Dec 17 ?


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Hi guys,


I have my Visa appointment in Vancouver, canada on Dec 14th ( First time stamping and change of status F1- H1B) .


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have place to share during Dec 13th - Dec 17th or if anyone also planning to visit during this time window too. My email ************


Any suggestions on interview questions and tips are most welcome. :)


Thank you and good luck.



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Hi Guys,


My Visa interview this morning went well and my visa got approved. I am looking for share hotel place or I have open accommodation if anyone interested to share. 



Visa interview questions:


1) Where you got your degree from? ABC university, from ABC state.


2) What is your highest degree? Masters


3) whats your degree in? Masters in XYZ


4) When you graduated? In XXXX


5) When you applied for your OPT and How long did you work in your OPT?

Month and year you got your OPT and yes I worked all my OPT period and applied for STEM.


6) who is your employer? ABC company located in city, state


7) What your company do? Provide XYZ services to clients


8) Who is your client and can I see your client letter? Client name and give client letter


He returned my client letter and kept my passport and I-797 letter and said congratulations your visa approved. Give a green sheet and said collect your passport in 3-5 business days.


Please contact me via email provided in my profile. I am looking for accommodation for rest of my stay.


Thank you.



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