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I have been reading multiple articles on this but still trying to get the clear picture. I have seen similar questions asked in the forum too. but for more clarity posting my questions here. 


I am at my 6th year of H1b with couple of months left. Also I got my perm approved and now getting the paperworks ready for the I140 application. My previous employer did not provide the detailed experience letter(with roles and skill set) so I had to get affidavits from my ex-colleagues. Now the questions are.


1. I worked for 9years in my previous company and I do not have any ex-colleague who worked there during the same whole time window. But i got affidavits for the smaller intervals inside this time interval.

ie.. 2005-2014 is interval i worked in the previous company. i gathered affidavits like 2005-2008 interval, then another one for 2008-2010 interval and another one for 2012-2014 interval. will this work or are they expecting an affidavit document for the whole tenure which is 2005-2014?


2. in the whole tenure my designation has been changed multiple times and each affidavits says my designation at the time i worked with them. but that is different from what I have in relieving letter. is that an issue.


3. What are the possibilities of getting an RFE as I do not have a detailed experience letter in previous employers letter head (I do have a relieving letter from previous employer which just says my start date and end date with designation at the time of resignation).


Really appreciate your earlier reply. Thank you.

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1. The letters should be OK.

2.No issue.

3.  There is always chance of RFE but you cannot fabricate letters to show past experience.

email previous employer asking for letter and keep proof of your conversation as evidence that you tried your best to secure all information.

You have relieving letter from previous employer which just says  start date and end date with designation at the time of resignation). If you also have any proof of initial job offer letter, job posting with duties/ responsibilities or interview emails that can be  used to establish the duration of employment.

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