H1B Approved - Worried About Stamping


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Hi all


I am in a pickle and would appreciate some advice. I was a student on OPT during which I joined a desi consultancy to get my visa. My H1B was approved but change of status was denied because of a reason out of my control, but entirely Department of Homeland Security's fault (don't even get me started). I had to come back to India for stamping with my I-797B notice of approval. However, now my employer is holding me at gunpoint for money to cover the H1B and lawyer fee he paid for me. He is refusing to send the documents needed for stamping until I pay him, which I can't. What can I do in this situation? He insists I need those documents, but won't hand them over until he gets the money. Would it be possible for me to go for stamping myself without them? I do have some proof that I was employed with him just before exiting the USA. Any other options that you may suggest?


Thank you



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You can go for stamping, with the documents that helps you to prove your employment. My COS was denied too, because I went to India for 4 weeks when my petition was under review. So, they approved my H1 with I-797A notice of approval but denied my automatic CoS. I went for stamping before my opt got expired last month and got it stamped. The VO did not ask me for a single document. Just be confident and carry all the documents you have with you for your interview. 



Good Luck..!!

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