Hitting cooling period and PERM process started. What are possibilities?


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I have completed 5 years in USA on L1B visa. My employer applied for H1B 2015 cap and it is approved . My 797A petition get approved till 18 June 2016. Also my employer started PERM process under EB-2 category.


1. Can I get extension on H1B?

2. How much possibility of getting I-140 approved before June 2016?

3. If I leave USA in June 2016 and stay away for 1 yr for cooling period. Can I re-enter in USA on same approved H1B 2015 cap?

4. If I can re-enter in USA base on H1B 2015. How much period I can stay in USA?

5. What will happen to PERM process between cooling period?




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