Concern about H1b stamping in Toronto


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I recently got approved for my H1b (I129) and thinking about going to Toronto for visa stamping. I need advice that is it okay to do it or should i hold off? 


I came to US in 2005 on F1,

got 3 year degree, got OPT - worked for 1 year;

got my bachelors, got OPT - worked for 1 year;

got my masters in anesthesia, got OPT - worked for 1 year and got approved for H1b

( all work history is at same hospital)


During past 10.5 years of my stay in US, i maintained legal status but never went back to home (India). My F1 was good for 5 years initially, and during first 5 years, couldn't go back because of school and money issues, after 5 years didn't think about renewing F-1 because of fear of that i may not get approved again. 

Finally i got H1b but now i am afraid that embassy may not stamp my visa to comeback to US just because i never went back to india after i came to US.  (So please if you guys can clarify that if i should worry about this issue or not)


Currently i work for one of the top five hospitals in US ( >35,000 employees), non profit organization. they also filed for my green card in 2009, when i started job with them first time under EB3 at the time, which is pending d/t retrogression. 


I want to go back to home to see my parents not sure what should i do, should i go to Canada get stamping or do you think my case is risky and i have low chances of getting h1b stamped. 


Thank you in advance.




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