I140 and Change of Jobs


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I140 approved and Recently got an offer with one of the cloud leader . However they offered me a junior role since I'm new to that technology.


My current Job : Consulting , Prevailing wage is 87,457 . I'm paid hourly


New job offer :  75 K base + benefits = 87,267 total compensation.


My question is related to I140 portability , I have read the draft rule making about job portability, follow this link




Since my role and salary will be decreased if i accept the new job , Does this impact my I140 portability when the rule is finalized ?


Other question : how is the prevailing   wage calculated ? is it based on base salary or total compensation ?



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Thats a draft, and not a rule yet. It may take a indefinite / significant time before that comes into play. You will need to have a new petition filed through your new employer at this time. 


PWD is calculated by the combination of location, job availability and currently offered salary for that position at the point of time.

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