H 1 B approved - haven't received the approval document even after 3 months


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Hi Team,


I received the approval for H1 B work visa permit in Oct'15. I'm based out of Georgia and the visa was applied for me by a Colorado based firm. We're at December today, and I'm yet to receive the work approval document to apply the social security number. After following up rigorously with the employer for the document, I was told that they are yet to receive it from the USCIS. 


During our previous conversations the employer mentioned that if I'm unable to make it to Colorado to work from the base location I have to pay him certain amount of money to run the taxes. 


My questions are as follows -

1) Is the delay of 3 months in receiving the work approval document normal?


2) Should I assume that there is something wrong with my case, that I have not received the document so far?


3) Is there anyone else that I can contact to check on the status of the document by sharing the receipt number I have?


4) Is my employer allowed to run payroll for me without acquiring the SSN number?


5) Will my future employer will be concerned about why I have not worked even after securing the work approval permit?


Please share your thoughts on this. Any suggestions are appreciated. 



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