Cooling period for H1 b visa or fresh L1


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Hi Experts

I need your help on H1 B clarification and Cooling period.

My plan is to stay long term in USA.

- 5 years stayed in USA – left USA on April 19 2015

- L-H approved (Nov 6 2015 – Nov 5 2016)

- Planning to complete cooling - Apr 19 2016

Clarification :

- After my cooling period is over , I travel and Can I extend the H1 B (L-H) in Nov 2016 - so that I can utilize for 6 years, or its only for 1 year

- Can I apply for fresh H1 B in April 2016 for 2016-2017 Cap

- Travel in H1 B after cooling and before the H1 B visa gets over, apply for L1….. will cooling be applicable for fresh L1 if I travel in H1 B visa (after cooling)

- Or take a fresh L1 and travel for long term

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