When should you go for visa stamping?


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I wish someone has told me before or if there is a sticky post somewhere who would have advised me better. Just wondering if moderators could make this a sticky post or something. This may help others. These are my opinions. We come to US and start working. Then we decide that we should visit India sometimes. But here comes the dreaded visa stamping. If you see it mathematically, visa stamping has 50% probability of going either way. But though we are techies, we gamble. I know, people say there is an emergency or want to get married and time is running out or someone expired who was close to me then i would say go for it. but if you just want to go for unnecessary vacation then please listen up. i have been burned big time.


First of all, rule of thumb for traveling outside of the US on H1B visa.


1. Do you have emergency that you need to go out of the country? If yes, then go for it. Otherwise, think twice. Even FTE are screwed big time if their luck has gone on vacation too. Consultants are more at risk because if they are stuck in India, project will be gone. So think about it. Moreover, if your I140 is approved and you are a 1 in a million consultant, then be very careful.


2. If you still want to go, i would say go for it. Then make sure that you have your worst case scenario prepared.

i) do you have friends that can take care of stuff if you are stuck in India forever?

ii) do you have backup plan, what you gonna do if stamping fails?


3. As you know the 50% probability, consult a reputed lawyer. Don't hesitate to pay. Its way better than getting stuck in India forever. Make sure that he or she has done cases that fits your profile. Lets say you have been jumping schools while doing MS or you were on bench for a long time, or you changed employer frequently or lots of other things that can stand out in your profile like a sore thumb. Take all the things/documents with you to the lawyer. Ask the lawyer, what is the probability of getting stamping. don't hide anything. i am sure lawyers such as those from murthy forum are experts. they will guide you if you want to take chance or not. it is too much at stake. don't rely on replies from this forum. if you do, then you will be acting on cognitive bias which results in irrational decisions. I REPEAT. DON'T HESITATE TO CONSULT "GOOD" IMMI LAWYER BEFORE GOING FOR STAMPING.


Rest is luck. You can only increase the probability of getting stamping if you have the right backup documents.

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Nice public service post, but aren't you trying to say if you have done or inadvertently involved in shady ways to acquire your H1b, then hold on to it with your life since you fear loosing it if someone pays close attention to the details the second time around?


I strongly disagree with the 50-50 notion of getting the stamping done, and I can vouch from personal experience it is not true. I was no FTE and got stamping done 3 times in three different US embassies in India and Canada, all you need is genuine job and documents to prove it.

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