H1B Stamping stuck in 221g for End Client letter.


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I am having an approved H1B petition selected in 2015.I appeared for Visa Interview on 4th September at Delhi Consulate and soon after I was given 221g White Slip and No documents were asked but Passport was retained.After 1 Month on 2nd Oct 2015 My Passport was returned with another 221g-White slip asking for Client letter,End client letter and MSA between employer and client.Over the period of 1 Month I lost the project I had documents for (End clinet joining was on 15th Oct 2015) and Now I am not having any project.I am appearing for Interviews but its been 2 Months nothing working out for some or other reason.My employer is also sitting helpless and just advising me to keep giving interviews.Now I just need to know what and all options are available to me to come out of this situation.Suggestions and advice welcome.



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