Difference between 2 year exp vs 10 year

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My company is planning to start my GC soon. However when attorney reviewed my profile, he informed that though I have 10+ years of experience, he can not submit the labour with that experience as to qualify for 10 years my current salary needs to be more. Labour will be submitted in EB2 with Masters + 2 years of experience instead of Masters + 10 years of experience. What I understand is that my company may not agree to go for 10 years of experience as they may need to provide that salary when it is approved. I do not know what the salary difference but I explained to my company that GC will be approved after 8/9 years but looks like they do not want to take any risk.


Now my question is do I need to worry about the years of experience (2 vs 10)? I got confirmation that it will be in EB2 though.




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The company can not tailor the job description to you.

Why would there be a requirement of 10 years experience? Is that the industry norm of the position? If not, it can not be a requirement.

You are correct.Company did not provide any job details. Just said the job requirement is 10 years. But my experience is not 10 years excluding current company experience.. So looks like 2 years is the option. 

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