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Hello Immigration experts,


My wife's OPT expires by End of Feb 2016, and she is going to apply for the extension now. We are waiting for the I-20 from the university. 


We have to be in India in Feb for a family function, but it looks like we won't be having the renewed OPT card before we leave to India.(upto 90 days processing time)


If by stroke of luck, the OPT card arrives before leaving, its all good.


Here is a scenario, If we advance the family function lets say in mind of Jan 2016 and be back by first or mid week of Feb 2016 before the existing OPT expires which is end of Feb 2016, can we make it through the immigration ?


Will the immigration officer allow us inside even if we tell him that we have a pending OPT application  and her current OPT expires only by end of Feb 2016 ?


Please advice.


Thanks in advance







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