Need advise on my expired h1 approval with visa rejection


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Hello All,


I need some expert advise on my situation here.


Through a Company-X ,I got my H1B approval in 2006 which was valid until 2009.


Since my H1B visa was rejected by the consulate,I applied for a new job in a company-Y in 2006, and moved to usa on l1b in 2007.


I returned to India in 2010 and resigned company-Y immediately,to help our sinking family business.


Soon after stabilizing our family business ,I joined an IT company in Hyderabad and I'm currently working as a Sr.IT consultant since 3 years.


Now,in mid- 2015, my brother-in-law who along with a US citizen have started an IT consultancy company-Z ,want me to move to usa for good.


My question here is, can his new Company-Z sponsor for my h1b ?


If so what could be the chances for rejections at visa office,considering his company is just a start up.


And also,can he use the expired, company-X H1B approval, for cap exemption if he does apply/sponsor ?


I have 11 years of IT experience and would like some suggestions on some best moves for me from experts.





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