F1 to F2 COS pending & husband Enrolled in a 2nd school


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I have applied for change of status from f1 opt to f2 on August 1, 2015. I haven't heard any decision yet. My husband is on f1opt and he will be doing MBA and his cpt will come in January from 2nd school. My question is

1. Will I have to apply for new f2 from my husbands new school? Or should I wait for old i539 result and not apply new f2?

2. If my husband employer is filling for h1b in April and till that time I receive nothing from Uscis what are my options?

3. Can the employer file for my h4 at the same time he is applying for my husband h1b even if f2 cos is pending?

4. What if my husband h1b is not picked in lottery? Will my f2 be still valid ?

Thank you again for your time


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Thanks for feedback. No, its good b school and no day 1 cpt. However the dates are random scenario given its a public forum. I m in process of gathering information so that others could benefit too.


Well, answers can only be as good as the data given.

But any mention of CPT as part of joining a university is suspicious. Real universities don't advertise things like CPT. It's just a consequence of particular courses in the curriculum. Any institution advertising CPT is shady.

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