i797 approval (h1b) with no Alien number


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Recently a new start up company successfully got my h1b transfer approved. However, there were 2 issues with respect to the approval.

1. The approval came through for 1 year only, which I think I can attribute to the newness of the company.

2. The approval came through but the i 797 did not have my A#  (Alien number) on it as I would expect it to be. 


Some background:


I have my i 140 approved previously which was according to the lawyer was used to get the approval in the first place. However, since I don't have the A# in the beneficiary field of the approved notice, I am confused and scared. I think something is amiss. 


According to the lawyer the A# is not always shown on i797 for h1b. 


I am seeking the forum's help,

Any suggestions and knowledge is helpful. 

Thank you,


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