URGENT: Amendment In Progress, need to travel to India.. Please advise


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I am working for an Employer A, and holding a H1B visa. My visa expired on Sep 30, 2014 and I got my extension approved until Aug 2017.


Currently I relocated to a new location and My Amendment is In Progress;


In such a situation can I travel to India and go for stamping before getting my approved Amendment ?


I am working for the same employer from the time I am at US.


Thanks in advance!!

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Not a lawyer nor an expert.


I believe you will need the new I797. Probably, not advisable to travel. What is the emergency?


My rule of thumb:

1. Do you want to get married? Are you getting old and you think that window of opportunity will pass by if you don't go to India and risk stamping? Then definitely go ahead. Otherwise, I won't advise, taking the risk.

2. Family emergency? Then you should go for it. If it is more important than living in the US.


Other than that, stay put!



But ask a immi lawyer or senior members like jairichi, rahul412 or joeF can advice you more.

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