Visa Interview - But Different Job Profle


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Hello All,


My agency filed for my H1B using a different job profile.

That contract got over and then I got a new job with the same end client and there was a change in location and change in the job responsibilities.

While filling the DS160 my agency asked me to enter the current job responsibilities and not the previous one.

But they didn't even file for an amendment as they told me that the location is with in the same MSA and both the job profiles have the same eligibility requirements.

Will I face some problems while giving the visa interview in India in the Month of January when I will be there?

Please advise if travelling to India will be a good Idea or should I wait till I change my Employer and get my H1B transferred and later make the trip to India ?



thank you in advance.


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Sorry, I cannot help much but I have the same question!


I have the exact same scenario - I am FTE; so no vendor/client  relationship. My job responsibilities are the same but the business area is different. Job title is the same too....My company moved its location, same MSA and my employer told me no need of amendment for the location.

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