L1B visa validity after leaving and returning to same employer


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I am in a (perhaps) unique situation and need your help to clarify few doubts. 


I worked with company A for 9 years in India and US. I traveled to US for company A on L1B visa. My visa as well as I-94 were due to expired while I was still in US. So company A processed my new L1B from Canada. The new L1B visa has expiration date of May 2018.


I returned to India in March 2014. After returning to India, I moved to another employer company B. 


Q1: Would company A have cancelled my L1B visa after leaving the company? There are no cancellation stamp or anything on my passport. I understand that the L1B visa processed by company A cannot be used for any other employer but the answer to this question would help in getting to next question below. Is there any way to check current status of L1B visa?  


Q2: If I return to company A within a year of leaving it then can I use my L1B (which is valid till May 2018) to travel to US instead of going for a fresh L1B processing? 


Q3: Company B is filing a fresh L1B application for me. I am little concerned about my company B L1B visa processing rejection because of high rejection rate these days. If my company B filed L1B application is rejected then does it mean that my company A filed L1B automatically gets cancelled in USCIS system?  


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