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I’m working as full time employee to XXX client and had valid i94 till Feb 20, 2016 and i797 till FEB 10, 2016. Due to layoff, my project is going to end on Dec 4, 2015 and H-1B will be terminated on DEC 20, 2015. But my company will be paying a regular paycheck until FEB 26, 2016 as a part of company policies, but not sure it will help my H-1B to stay legal.


Could anyone please assist me with your expertise knowledge to the following questions.


1)      What will be my VISA status after termination (Dec 20, 2015)? As I have my current H-1B until feb10 will I able to stay in USA until that time?


2)      If I’m not able make H-1B transfer to some other company before DEC 20th, Can I still do H1 transfer after Dec 20?


3)       What is the last date for me in this situation to do an H-1B transfer?


Thanks in advance.

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DEC 4 is my last working day at my company and my company said that it will take 30 days to inform USCIS about my termination. So, I am assuming that I will be in status until jan 4. I am planning to do H1 transfer to other company ASAP. I might be able to get h1 receipt by Dec 11. Any comments?

Your assumption is wrong. Last day is the day when your status ends. Employer's H1B revocation date has no role here.
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