H1 visa and B2 visa stamping at same time any issue?


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Currently I am in India for vacation. I am planning to my visa H1B & H4 stamping through drop box. I am also scheduling visitor visa interview for my father. But he will not travel along with me. 


Can you guide me through all the below questions:


Is it any issue for all of us or my parents B2 visa. if they ask where is your son whether they can say in india came for visa stamp?

As I am in India and am traveling back to US soon, how do I fill the I-134? Since I do not have an I-94, should I be leaving that field blank?

Also, even though I am in India, can I give my address in US, since I will be traveling back from vacation?

In the invite letter to my parents and in the letter to the consulate, should I be indicating that I am currently in India and I will be traveling to US soon, and provide my US address?

Is it mandatory to get the bank statement verification letter. I have downloaded all my monthly statement from my bank is that enough?

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I had a same situation last month. I was hoping to take my parents along with me for stamping but I was suggested to get my visa stamped first then my parents so I did the same. I got mine stamped on 9th and theirs on 27th both of us both visa without any issues.


During interview process they will ask for parents passport and your visa copy so I would recommand you to have visa stamped first and then you can have your parents carry your latest visa for interview. You do not have to mention you are in India in invitation letter you can give US address. You can prepare your parents that you(son) visited India recently but they wish to stay in US with you for few months and also visit US if a question is asked by interviewer.


You can use your privious visit I-94 card.


There is no need to get bank stmt verification letter

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