Should I go for visa stamping or not?


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I am just wondering if I should go for visa stamping or not.


My profile: I did my MS in the US. Unfortunately, in 2009, I had to join a MBA college not a reputed one, you guys know what I mean because of layoffs. Then after working on CPT (I know big mistake) for a year, I switch back to H1B. No issues there. Then I got 3 years of extension as well on a stellar client letter and stamping as well from a US consulate outside of India. As my visa expired, is it prudent to go to India to get stamping or it will be like russian roulette. I know, CPT was a mistake, but it is what it is. I regret that and it was unfortunate that I had to take that. So, please do not throw flames on me that I screwed myself and all. I know about that. But my questions are -

1. If someone having my profile got multiple stampings i.e. H1 to F1(cpt) to H1?

2. If yes, which consulate?



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