DUI Visa process for 2015 Hyderabad US consulate


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Hello Friends,

Anyone with DUI attending VISA iterview at Hyderabad consulate this fall 2015?

I have seen many posts but many are atleast a year old...

I got a DUI in 2013 Feb and cleared with all the court formalities by Sep 2014. I am attended VISA interview this November of 2015 but received 221g as expected, so went to the panel physician and gave all medical tests in the 2nd week of Nov,immediately in 2 days I get an email from the consulate to submit my passport and I am still waiting for their response.

I have couple of concerns.

1) In my 221(g) additional documents request form it is mentioned to submit my passport with the panel physicians medical report, but I did not receive the reports in hand, when I asked the doctor and the staff at the clinic they said they will mail it directly to the consulate... is this a standard practice? I have seen a document online where it is mentioned that if the medical results are not good it is sent directly to the consulate and if it good they hand it over to you. Is this true?

2) When I was interviewed I have some marks because of an accident in my childhood and doctor asked if this was because of any violent acts recently, how can we prove them we are not insane???

Anyone with similar experience? Did anyone receive the medical reports in hand from the panel physicians office?

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences in advance


Ramakanth Thirunant

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I am in a similar situation as well, got done with my interview on November 18th and was asked to undergo medical evaluation with the panel. I emailed the doctor for appointment as per the directions and still waiting for the response for couple days now.


But in my case VO kept my passport with him and gave me a 221g white slip, not sure if that is  good sign as that he kept my passport, can someone please share their thoughts?

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I received an email from USTravel Doc stating 'Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate and are ready for pickup from the VFS center that I have chosen', but it didn't tell me anything on my visa status.


I checked the status of my 221g on the below link, where it confirmed that the visa has been issued and my dashboard updated status reads that my passport is ready for pickup.





I hope this helps you all, hang in there with patience and you all will also receive the good news.

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