How many months of valid work permit petition ( H1B ) required for stamping ?


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Here is the scenario in my case: 

1. My Valid petition ends 15th June 2016 
2. Never got the visa stamped and obviously never traveled. 
3. I'm not travelling for the client for whom my petition was originally processed, Getting a new assignment in another location for which I will need to apply for an amendment. 
4. My project manager decided to submit the amendment petition in normal standard processing, hence it will take anywhere between 3 to 4 months right ?
5. Say, my Amendment gets filed in December, I will get the new approved amended petition probably in the month of April. So effectively there will only be  2 more moths of Valid petition left at that time. Can I go for stamping with only 2 months of valid petition or is there any timeline, like minimum validity for stamping?
Request the guidance of experts here. 


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Yes, you can go and you might get visa for 2 months. Employer has to file extension along with amendment.



yes, you can go for stamping 



Yes you can go with 2 months of validity



Thanks all for the reply,  Actually I requested them to file for extension along with the amendment but unfortunately my immigration team told me that, its NOT possible, Unless I'm under US payroll. Please advice is this is true, is there any rule like this or can the extension can be filed from india itself. Please consider that my work permit is not stamped and I have not traveled yet

Yes you can go with 2 months of validity

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