L2 to H1B Cos and Cap Exempt


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I’m currently working with Employer A and having a valid H1B till March 2016 ( Not Stamped in Passport)

I’ve Utilized total 4 Years of H1B and i’m currently in India.

  1. If i resign company A and travel to US on L2 ?
  2. If My Employer A Revokes my H1B, Can other employer in US can apply for L2 to H1B COS under cap exempt for the remaining 2 years of my h1b time?
  3. If this is possible is there any specific time frame in which this needs to be done?
  4. if my current H1B is expired on March 2016 and also i resign employer A , can any other employer in US file L2 to H1B COS after March 2016 under cap exempt? 

Kindly Help me in understanding these.



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