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Hi Experts ,


I want to do stamping on India and take the advantage of drop box facility. As per the drop-box set of rules I have qualified to submit "Interview Waiver Dropbox" . 


As per the ustraveldocs website it says below and my question is do I really need to fill-up DS160 instead ? I am little confused if we really need DS160 as I have no details changed since last stamping.

thanks and appreciate your help.



If you qualify for drop-box submission, you will receive a drop-box submission letter containing a document checklist. Print two copies of the drop-box submission letter. Drop off your passport along with the listed documents mentioned on the submission letter at one of the 11 service centers.

  • Your current passport
  • Your current or most recent visa
  • One copy of the drop-box letter
  • One photograph taken within the last six months (conforming to the guidelines on this webpage). In the vast majority of cases, YOU MAY NOT SUBMIT THE SAME PHOTOGRAPH THAT APPEARED ON YOUR LAST VISA. Failure to submit a valid photograph will delay the processing of your case.
  • Supporting documentation in original and one photo copy required for your visa type
  • Children applying through IWP or drop-box should submit photocopies of their parents’ visas.


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