H4 to H1 better or H1B new stamping better ?


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Could you please suggest me the best approach.


I am currently in USA on my H1B.

My wife is still in India and her company (which is a small firm in USA/India) filed her H1B and luckily the petition got approved.  Now the next step is her H1B visa stamping.


Here comes my question,

Her company doesn't provide her any client to start working from day-1. She has to find a job on her own.


So is it better to go for H1B stamping and get it stamped and come here search for jobs ( in the mean time the company will run payroll which we have to return later)  ????? 


Or Get her H4 as my dependent and she can still search jobs and once she gets it, transferring from H4 to H1 ?


What is the best option we can take. Please let me know your thoughts ASAP.









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