Applying for visitor visa for mother after being rejected twice


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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to get US visitor visa for my mother. We twice applied unsuccessfully for her back in March 2013 using my Master’s graduation walk invitation letter at the Mumbai consulate (second attempt was 3 weeks after the first). She got frightened during both interviews and answered a few questions wrong about me (like my year of arrival in the US, field of research etc. – probably my fault for not explaining it to her beforehand). Her confidence got so low that she refrained from having another go. I had also heard that it’s not prudent to apply for visa after getting successive rejections and without any major change in circumstances. Hence we stayed put since then. In the meantime I got a job, shifted from F-1 to H-1B visa and got married. My wife is also on H-1B visa living in a different city.


I am thinking about re-applying for my mother’s visa in March. Below are her details:


- She is a 60 years old widow.

- Worked at a bank for 27 years before retiring 7 years back.

- She solely owns a big flat (which is under re-construction and scheduled for completion by Dec 2016). She also co-owns a smaller flat with my sister.

- She gets monthly pension and has fixed deposits.

- My sister lives on the other side of the road. She has her own business. Her son stays with my mother after school every day.

My mother’s 91 years old mother lives about 3 kilometers away and my mother takes care of her along with her sister.

- All my mother’s relatives and in-laws live in the same city and support her.

- She is involved with local women’s group and is also the secretary of the housing society she lives in.

- My mother likes to travel and visit places. She has visited Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala in the last 3 years and traveled to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore a couple of months back.


I would like to know the following things:

- What are the points I should focus on to bolster her case.

- How bad will the two previous visa rejections affect her chances now 3 years later?

- How do I guide my mother for the interview in order to show to the counselor that she will return to India?

- Will it help if she starts working part-time somewhere?

- Is it recommended for her to sponsor her visit or should I?


I do not want to leave any stone unturned. I would appreciate all the help and advice I can get.



Thank you,


A worried son.

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The DS 160 has question if the VISA was applied previously, obviously you have to say Yes.

But it also has a question about countries visited in the last 6 months/ 1 year and why


you can state the countries with reason as tourism and vacation. This gives an idea to the officer that your mother likes to visit countries for tourism purpose but does get back to India after spending some time outside.


Does not have to work anywhere.


You should sponsor her VISA

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You can pay for the trip. In DS-160 choose Person/Entity paying for the Trip as you - so that no financial concerns to your mother.


and you could send an invitation letter addressing to your mother  about purpose of the trip  and also a supporting letter addressing to VO about purpose of the trip and what are places you are planning to take your mother and  assurance about her return. 


if VO accepts the letter, your mother need not to worry about how to explain it.

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I would like to thank everyone for their help here. My mother finally got 10 year visitor visa last month.


As suggested by sachin2907, I took professional help from Murthy India. During the 30 min consultation, I explained the situation to the lawyer and she was able to provide me great feedback and tips to fill form DS160. But we did not avail their full case services as I felt confident in preparing my mother for the interview.


During the interview my mother was asked questions about her out-of-country travels, her current job/ daily activities and my father's job. She said and I quote "Confidence is all that matters".


Hope my successful experience gives heart to those who have been trying for some time. 

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