Legal to join & continued working after being out of status on H1B


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Please share your thoughts and advice on following situation.


Thank you so very much.


Company A for 3 yrs on H1B visa.
Joined company B last year (resigned company A after receiving original H1B approval papers for company B, I-797A with I-94 valid for three years).
Visited US consulate afterwards in home country to get visa stamped with same validity as I-94.
Lost company B job early this year. Had absolutely no idea of the implications involved with status and stayed in US.
After 64 days Company C filed H1B petition (normal Consular Processing) in Apr. Afterwards joined company C in same month.
Petition got approved (I-797B without I-94) in September & received original approval papers five weeks later.
HR is suggesting to visit Canada/Jamaica just to get new I-94 and come back to US (since I still have unexpired visa stamp and valid I-94 from previous company B).


- Am I **in status** while working for Company B or out of status since the entire period from last day of company B?

- Was it legal to join Company C and continued working after being out of status for almost two months?

- Do I need to leave US **immediatedly** and get new I-94 from Canada/Jamaica as stated above? Or can plan things and visit outside US sometime in Dec next month.

- Do I need to go back to my home country and visit US consulate there to get visa stamping again and then come back to US?

- What are the implications of period while out of status - on extension of visa next year and GC processing later?


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