H1B Visa Stamping - India Vs Canada?


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Hi There,


I am totally becoming a fan of this forum, there is a great amount of information here and its a well maintained forum.


I am planning to go for stamping in December/January time frame. I was wondering what the current situation is like in India and Canada? Does anyone know how is it going in India? I do see some great posts on Canada. Also wanted to know which place is good in terms of stamping and faster processing times? Any information about these things is greatly appreciated.



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I see lot of 221g's from Canada consulates (especially ottawa, vancover). Go to India and test the luck.. If you have gotten proper documentation why to get scared? Go for it, if you still get admin processing in India, you can spend some time with friends and family while the process is goingon.. I am doing the same, I have visa interview in December, I am not scared but excited to go to India to see my family and friends. Cheer up brother.

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Our friends post their visa interview experiences and you may follow this form for India/Canada experiences/updates.


Any US consulate is fine. Every US consulate is the same as they follow standard procedures. In general the processing take 3 to 5 days. However the processing time differs in each case.


If it is feasible, better to have it at India as it is always preferable having at home country.

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I have been to both. Canada is hassle free. 10 people waiting in line compared to 100 in india. The travel and the stay could prove expensive unless you want to make a vacation out of it.as someone mentioned 221g us a trend past few weeks in Canada. There are not many dates in canada for third country nationals.

I don't see any cons of doing it in indiq.

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